The five best views in the Canadian Rockies

I am still dreaming about the Canadian Rockies a few weeks after landing home. Despite the wonderful sunshine in London there is nothing to rival the endless snow capped mountains and awe dropping views at every turn.

Here are a few of my favourite views

1 – Mount Robson

The highest peak in the Rockies was our first sight as we drove up from Clearwater. Of course there is a visitor centre but it doesn’t take away from the beauty. Plus there is actually a nice deck out the back that will give you uninterrupted views.

2 – The Athabasca Glacier

It’s a little bit sad to see the glacier and the machine that sees hundreds of people an hour board coaches onto it. Luckily we stopped just around the corner before we reached the visitor centre and were rewarded with an amazing view all to ourselves. Ice do guided walks up onto the glacier which have much less impact environmentally. We were due to do this but changed our plans – def worth taking a look though.

3 – Waterfalls, so many waterfalls

Athabasca, Sunwapta and Bow Falls, I could go on. There’s something so brilliantly calming about standing next to thundering falls, hearing and seeing the power of the water. Rearguard Falls for me was the best as you can walk through the rock formations where the waterfall used to flow.

4. The view from the Fairmont hotel.

Staying here was a bit of a splurge we decided to go for just before we left home and I’m so glad we did. Honestly, it’s a bit of a hulking resort despite being designed as a castle, but my goodness the view was to die for. I spent many hours just gazing at it in the sunshine and had to be dragged away to head to the airport.

5. It has to be……bears!

We saw six in total on this trip, two were in Whistler which isn’t in the Rockies but who is counting. We were able to stop quickly and take a picture of this beautiful one from our car, we moved on quickly though so as not to disturb him.

Without doubt though the best sighting was the one I only have a memory of and that was the bear that slid into the water right in front of our raft as we were floating downstream in Jasper. He swam right across the canyon in front of us and it was the most amazing thing to experience. It was at this point that Dan really began to wish he hadn’t left his glasses on the bus!

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